I have just privately sent a request to Devon to please write to Arachne
subscribers about the exhibit she is curating - Lace, not Lace: Contemporary
Fiber Art from Lacemaking Techniques.  
There are probably subscribers on Arachne who do not know that this lace
exhibit will be at the Hunterdon Art Museum, New Jersey (west of Manhattan)
September 23, 2018 to January 6, 2019.
A lace exhibit in a major American museum is extremely rare.   It is
difficult to get necessary corporate and grant funds for something that is
Small, regional museums have even more difficulty underwriting exhibits.
What I know:  Devon has been working tirelessly on documenting and promoting
lace as an art for decades.  She never holds back - she shares.  I asked her
last week for the current status of this big 2018 lace event because I am
particularly concerned about the success of fund raising.  Devon replied that
some people have been quite generous, but there is still a lot of money that
needs to be raised in order for the exhibit to be put on without eliminating
spectacular parts of it.
If this exhibit is very successful, it will send a positive message to other
museums about interest in lace exhibits.  Perhaps we will see lace in larger
museums as a result.
All of us have an opportunity to participate in this effort to bring
contemporary laces to the public's attention. The Hunterdon Art Museum has set
up a Lace Fund.  If this is something you or your guild would like to
support, you may read donation options at:
If you belong to IOLI, there is an article on page 39 of the Winter 2018 issue
of The Bulletin that also provides information.
Jeri Ames in Maine USA
Lace and Embroidery Resource Center

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