Dear Sue,
A similar question was asked by Alice earlier in the week. I put it to the
Director of the Hunterdon Art Museum and this was her answer.

“We keep very good records of every donation - how much, from whom, etc. 
The Museum has  software specifically for tracking donations.  It's very

The exhibition will not be cancelled.   We will do the lace show.  Whether
we can include The Urchins and The Carriage of Lost Love depends on how much
is raised, but we are trying very hard, and I am optimistic that it will
happen.  The donations that are sent to the Lace Fund will be used for Lace,
not Lace so they will not be refunded.  I would hope that those who want to
see the exhibition happen, will understand that it is important for this show
to go forward even if we cannot include everything we had hoped to.  Again,
it is my intention to include The Urchins and The Carriage of Lost Love, but
until I have the money in hand I cannot promise.

I hope this answers the questions sufficiently.  If not, please let me

The museum is seeking $60,000 in funding. This will include shipping, public
programming, fine arts insurance, a catalog, fabrication, framing, marketing
and advertising. There will be an opening. I have put forth several ideas for
classes and talks. (I am afraid that these may be on the chopping block in a
low fund situation.)  The museum does a very professional job of advertising
the show. They make beautiful postcards that they send to members and others.
This increases traffic to the show, which is what we want, and what they

So far, the museum has received slightly over $10,000 that I know about. They
are seeking funds from various local companies and individuals as well as

The Urchins are the most expensive part of the show, as it is necessary to
bring them to New Jersey on a truck,  get trusses and rigging and a boom lift,
engineering drawings, also lighting considerations. As I understand it, Choi +
Shine would need to send a representative down to supervise the installation.
However they claim that a team of about 5 volunteers can do it under
supervision. My husband and his cousin are standing ready to be on the team.
(They claim it doesn’t take a lot of physical strength, but I don’t know
if I would be much help on the team. )
If the Urchins are part of the show, they will be on the outside terrace where
they will make a big splash. This will draw a lot of attention to the show
from the press who are always looking for a good photograph. It will also draw
people into the show.

The Carriage of Lost Love by Lieve is absolutely magical. The Hunterdon Art
Museum does a lot of children’s classes and programs. I can’t wait for the
young girls to see this fantastic lace piece.

The museum considered Kickstarter. But, with Kickstarter, if you don’t get
the entire amount, then the rest of the funds are returned. Since they are
committed to doing the show regardless, this didn’t seem like a good idea.
Another consideration is that funds donated to the Lace Fund at the museum are
tax deductible, whereas we do not believe that the funds to Kickstarter would
be. Also, Kickstarter takes some a percentage of the funds as part of their
service. So, it was kind of agonizing to think that people’s money intended
for the Lace Exhibit would instead go to Kickstarter.

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