Hi Alex

If you could send a picture to me privately I will see what, if anything, I can 
tell you about your bobbin.
Diana Smith

> On 13 Mar 2018, at 11:07, Alex Stillwell <alexstillw...@talktalk.net> wrote:
> Hi Arachnids
> A question for the bobbin experts
> I have a curious bobbin.  It is 9cm long with ahead 7mm across that is
> slightly domed at the top and flat beneath. The neck is g 2.9 cm long, just
> over 3mm wide and there is a thin flat collar the same width as the head.  The
> shank is 5.3cm long, starts at the same width as the neck and widens to nearly
> 9mm towards the tail where is narrows slightly. Unusually there is a hole
> 2.7cm deep and 4mm wide drilled upwards from the tail end of the bobbin. I
> suspect this was to reduce the weight of the bobbin.
> I have always understood to be for Valenciennes lace, please may I have some
> more information about it.

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