Dear Arachne,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

As some of you may know, I'm currently finishing up my MA thesis on the
topic of making lace by hand in a modern world. The majority of my research
comes from interviews with lacemakers that I conducted in 2015, in Croatia,
Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium.
Over the course of writing up this research, I have realized how important
it is to document this information across a wider demographic of
lacemakers, to have a record for the future.

For that reason, I thought I would share my interview questions with you
all and see if anyone wanted to share their answers. I did so enjoy reading
about the lace revival of the 1970s, and how several Arachnids learned to
make lace.

Here are the core questions:

1. Who taught you to make lace?
2. At what age did you start to learn?
3. What attracted you to lacemaking?
4. Where do you see lace going in the future?
5. Why is lace important to you to preserve?

Feel free to answer/not answer any questions as you wish, or add more! To
clarify, this is not to include in my thesis which is nearly complete, but
for the benefit of us all to document our origins.

I will share my own answers as well, but I don't want this email to get too

All the Best,

Currently writing feverishly about lace rather than making it, in a chilly
NYC "spring."

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