Dear Jeri,
I am no expert, but looking at the pictures and text suggests that the Melinex 
film is spot welded rather than completely sealed round so it may be air can 
penetrate between the sheets so to speak. It appears to be common use now. All 
the Thomas Lester lace I saw at the Cecil Higgins was Melinex wrapped. It’s a 
pain to photograph through as it is very shiny.

A quick google for ‘Melinex permeability’ found this paper:
The Formation of Microenvironments in Polyester Enclosures, Authors: Paul 
Garside , Olivia Walker

Which appears to be open access if you want to read further.

>>Louise signed her note to us by referring to a very soggy Cambridge.   
>>England has a damp climate.  Has anyone used Melinex that has been sealed 
>>around an object?  Does it breathe, or can damp be trapped inside a sealed 
>>casing?  We have scientific members who will know.  In the 20th century I was 
>>taught in Conservation classes that textiles in storage must breathe.  I am 
>>sending this paragraph to the V&A, per Comment invitation on the last page of 
>>their blog, and will share their response.<<

Incidently, Cambridge despite being on the edge of the fens has the accolade of 
being the driest city in England (and probably UK). We often cite that it has 
lower annual rainfall than Jerusalem. It is doing its best to disprove that 
this spring!

Best wishes,


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