I’ve been on Arachne since 1996 - just about the beginning. I will always 
remember the excitement of reading the many, many pages of messages that came 
every day in my digest. So much information, and I wanted to print it all out! 
I had been making lace in a vacuum - none of my friends or relatives had a 
clue, so all that talk was an exotic, extraordinary experience. 

I do miss the old Arachne, but that level of excitement just couldn’t continue 
and it would be hard to take if it did. I understand the lure of Facebook, and 
it’s a great advantage that you can upload photos together with your message. 
I’ve been told Facebook is old, Twitter is getting past it, and Instagram is 
the best right now, but I don’t understand how Twitter and Instagram are better 
for our purposes than Facebook - or even good old Arachne. We need the ability 
to write long, involved messages.


> How many of us are still here on Arachne?
> I remember when Arachne was THE place to be.  Now it's hard to keep up with
> the latest social media site.  It's almost a part-time job trying to
> understand and then use social media.  Just when I'm beginning to understand
> FB, I find out that it is antiquated--that Twitter is 'the' thing.....ARGH!

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