It’s hard to believe it’s 23 yrs. already :)  I joined Arachne about 6
months after it’s beginning  and remember when I first found it.  I was very
new to the internet and I typed simply “lace” into the search engine.
That was an eye opener because most sites with the key word were about sexy
clothes and also mildly pornographic..Frederick’s of Hollywood stuff.
However Arachne did pop up too and I joined immediately.  What a thrill to  be
able to tap into such a valuable helpful source.  Up until then I had never
met another lace maker. I was completely self taught and Arachne definitely
filled in the blanks.  And yes David, I do remember Susan from Tennessee :)
What a piece of work.  I think she/he has been the only person actually kicked
off Arachne.  I also remember having a real chuckle over Tamara’s problem
with her ever darkening monitor :)  Well, it’s been a fun 23 yrs. and I’d
like to thank everyone for all the wonderful knowledge they’ve shared over
the years.  Sharon on Vancouver Island

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