I joined Arachne in late 1995 and made lots of friends throughout the world.
 I even visited their homes in Canada, Denmark, New Zealand and the UK.  It
is nice to put faces to names and is something we always do at our Arachne get
togethers at the IOLI convention.  I believe the first one was in Maryland
where I met Tamara.  We organized it in a local restaurant and I think we had
12 or 13 present. Restaurants are too small for us now and too hard to find in
another part of the country. Now we have had more than 30 attendees some years
and as we have a free raffle where people bring whatever they want to share,
 we quite often have enough prizes for everyone to take a reminder home.
I have not heard from any local Arachne for the San Antonio get together. Has
anyone else got news for us about a meeting time and place?
I love the information that we can share and have taken part in the Christmas
Exchange for many years, trying to come up with a new pattern each year.
 Janice Janice Blair Murrieta, CA, jblace.com

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