Hello dear Arachneans,

Early in 2000 is started to learn bobbin lacemaking and very soon I discovered 
Arachne lace 
list and lace chat. When I joined, it was still a big thing to write e-mails, 
offline, and send them 
later, because phone costs where high and going online blocked the family phone 

But I am still glad, I found Arachne list and having virtuell contact with so 
many lacemaking 
friends. Of course I enjoy reading the posts of many different subjects and I 
have made and 
collected quite a few bookmarks, ornaments and other lace items via the Lace 
and earlier the monthly Secret Sister packages. (Btw. Are they still done?)

I am grateful for all the efforts that are put into a peaceful friendly 
communication for people 
from all over the world.

Let's keep, happy lacemaking and a big thank you to Avital and all the others 
who do a lot of 
extra work in the background.

Martina in Germany,
where Spring has arrived

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