Count me among those that happily use support pins in Binche!  I discovered
this trick in one of Ulrike's books and it has been wonderful.  I am a
tension-er, always tugging and pulling on my threads.  I usually use my
regular fine pins, not necessarily the really fine insect pins, but it depends
on my mood.  I think any holes left by pins will be much less unsightly than
threads pulled out of place!  I also leave those pins in the work as long as
the others.  Then when the lace is done and all the threads snipped I go
around the cloth stitch areas with glass head pin and gently "scratch" the
threads next to any holes to close them up.  Usually you can't even tell a pin
was there!

Enjoy your Binche adventure!

Anita Hanse

in soggy Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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