Hi Susan:

Normally I don’t use support pins in Binche; I have learned tensioning methods 
that work well for me. Of course, when I am in a class taught by a support pin 
fanatic, I use them. Life is easier that way.

Here’s the thing - if I understand your description, you’re cloth-stitching 
across a row inside a motif, at the end you drop the weaver, take the next pair 
to it and cloth stitch back across the row. When you get to the end, tensioning 
that row pulls against the first weaver, pulls it away from the edge of the 
motif, and creates a hole. That does not happen if, while you tension, you hold 
down that first weaver. The two pairs pull against one another and the tension 
is nice and even. Now, it does round off the corner of the row a little bit, 
but you’re not looking for a 90 degree angle anyway; you want a nice, rounded, 
filled motif. 

One of the fun things about these types of laces is that you will often make 2 
or 3 rows before there’s a pinhole. Yes, it does work! You can make 3 rows, put 
up a pin, and use that to tension all 3 rows. I find that satisfying and 
exhilarating, but don’t do it in a class where you’re expected to put in 
support pins; the teacher will get really excited, and not in a good way.

I think the secret when you learn these laces is: 1. Don’t obsess; it will take 
the joy out of your lacemaking. Tension as best you can and then move on. and 
2. Get lots of practice. Many lacemakers just make a few short samples and call 
it a day. Pick a pattern and make a couple of feet of it; long enough for you 
to go through the pattern many times, and then you’ll be much more comfortable 
with the process.

Hope this helps.

West Vancouver, BC
(west coast of Canada)

> Hello All! I am working a small beginner sampler & the weaver changes every 
> other row. Since I do not know what I am doing (!!), this has lead to small 
> holes in the slanted edge of the cloth work. While I suspect this is a 
> tension issue that I must overcome, should I use a support pin at that point 
> to help keep the newly discarded “weaver turned passive” in place? Remove it 
> after a few rows? Temporary pins can create holes too so maybe this is a case 
> of a double edged sword. I am using the most delicious color of pale pink 
> Aurifil 50 so I would like to make decent lace. Suggestions are welcome. Many 
> thanks. 

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