Does anybody hold shares in the historic inn? Looks like they are doing
rather well out of this exhibition.

On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 16:29, Devon Thein <> wrote:

> It has been a busy week in Clinton, NJ. On Thursday, Greet Rome,
> Martin Bruggeman, Wally Thoma and Veerle Merschaut visited the exhibit
> at the Hunterdon Art Museum, having come from Belgium. In honor of
> this international visit, a town councilwoman was sent by the mayor to
> greet them, and a Hunterdon County Freeholder also came, welcomed them
> and took the tour with them. The Freeholder had to leave before the
> end of the tour, because the tour took about 2 hours. The duration of
> the tour varies with the interest level of those on the tour. After
> the tour we went across the historic bridge and had lunch at the
> Clinton House Inn, an historic inn which was established in 1743 and
> was once a stage coach stop.
> On Friday, we had a viewing at the Ratti of War Lace and other Belgian
> lace with the four Belgian  ladies, and we were joined by Karen
> Thompson who journeyed up from Washington, DC, and Loretta Holzberger,
> President of the IOLI and Lee Daly who was graciously acting as
> Loretta's hostess for the visit.
> On Saturday, Loretta, Lee, Trenna Ruffner, who had come from Michigan
> to see the show, participated in a ticketed tour that was organized by
> the museum. There was one lady at the tour who had made bobbin lace in
> the 1970s and wanted to get back into it. I noticed that Lee was
> giving her all the details of how to connect with lace in NJ. There
> were about a dozen people on the tour. It seems like the more people
> there are, the shorter the tour is, so this tour was only an hour
> long. Although this may seem counter intuitive, it actually makes
> sense because when there is only one person or a few people they enter
> in more freely with their observations about the works on display. So
> far the record length of a tour is 2 hours and twenty minutes. After
> this tour, a small group of us walked across the historic bridge to
> the historic inn and had lunch. The inn had thus been subjected to two
> times this week when a group of 7 people who had not reserved in
> advance walked in demanding food. They seem to prefer to have
> reservations made, but as I learned at the time of the opening, they
> don't like reservations that are for a yet to be determined number of
> people at a yet to be determined time.
> On Sunday, we picked up Elena Kanagy-Loux at the Newark train station
> and drove her to Clinton for her to give a beginning bobbin lace class
> to 10 people. The class was completely subscribed. I stayed to assist.
> The students completed a sampler of cloth stitch, half stitch, whole
> stitch, and in some even did torchon ground. Everyone seemed to enjoy
> the class and several people wanted to know how to continue. I
> directed them to the IOLI website to have the regional director match
> them with the nearest lace opportunities. Several people seemed to be
> interested in returning this coming Sunday for "Drop In Lacemaking"
> with Pat Morris.  After the class Elena and my husband and I crossed
> the historic bridge and walked into the historic inn without a
> reservation for dinner.
> Devon
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