Hi All

I've received the following information from Mercè Rovira i Regàs in
Catalonia which I thought some of you might find interesting:
Arenys de Mar, our main Lace Museum, will retake its International
Biannual Fair this year, due to the best pandemics situation in
Catalonia. April 22-24.

OIDFA Spain openned a YouTube channel to keep all its monthly lace
presentations (overcoming pandemics ideas...). Last activity was Feb
19th, a Lace Fans collection - a presentation of the Puntaires de Girona
exhibit Nov-Dec 2021, 25th Anniversary, plus OIDFA Spain members' fans:

Puntaires de Girona, CVO Gent (Flanders), Kantcentrum Brugge (Flanders),
Larrikin lace (Australia), SLAC, Art Academy Leuven (Flanders) will set
up a Lace Installation at this year GENT FLORALIEN, April 29 - May 8. If
you are in the area, feel free to contact or just visit it. Florakien
Gent is a 200+ year old Flower & Plant fair, the oldest in the world, a
Royal event, a great privilege being invited to add a Lace presence in
the event. www.gentsefloralien.be

And as (almost) every year, GIRONA TEMPS DE FLORS is coming again, 7-15
May. Puntaires de Girona will be at Sant Daniel's Monastery with a new
Lace installation, this year THE LABYRINTH OF LIFE (pandemics reminder,
again...). You can see the last Lace installations at our YouTube
channel https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=puntairesdegirona
/  https://tempsdeflors.girona.cat
Sue Babbs

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