Hi, Everybody:

I just got a skein of old linen thread that’s not like anything I’ve ever
seen before, here in Canada, but I think maybe some of the Europeans on this
list might be familiar with what I have and be able to help me.

It’s a single skein, not marked or labelled, and it is very fine - maybe
equivalent to 180 gassed Egyptian cotton in size - and I think it is linen
from the feel of it. It is about 15cm (6in) long right now, but it has been
folded, and about 1.5cm in from each end it is secured with a circle of pink
thread. One end is a single fold of the entire skein and the other is two
folded ends held together.

I think - but I haven’t opened it so I am not sure - that what it is, is a
skein of thread about 60 cm around, that has been flatted and folded in half
and secured at each end. The thread is so very fine, and has that slight
wiriness I associate with linen, that I am worried that if I just start
mucking about with it, in my ignorance I will tangle it beyond saving.

I suppose that if I knew what I was doing, I would cut the pink ties, open up
the skein … and then what? How would this be handled? Is there a method? I
want to be able to wind it onto bobbins but I’m not sure how to do it.

Any advice on what I should do now?

Vancouver, BC

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