Thank you so much, Jean, Sue (and Brenda & Clay through the archives) -

My little 6” parcel didn’t seem to have any red threads, or any indication
of having been tied at all, but the picture of your parcel that you so kindly
sent, Jean, looked a lot like my parcel in every other respect, including the
pink threads. Thank you for sending the picture - it gave me the confidence to

I plucked up my courage and snipped the two circles of pink thread, and
unfolded the skein. There were more folds than I thought; what I unveiled was
just over 18 inches long, so each time the thread went around would measure 1

More importantly, tucked away in the middle was what I hadn’t even suspected
was there - a third pink thread, going around the skein, plus the red thread
dividing the parcel into slips. My parcel has 13 slips, but the red thread has
extra length on it, and indications that it was untied and retied, and one
slip has been removed. So it was the finest, 14-slip thread.

I separated one slip and put it under a magnifier to count the threads - the
slip has 90 threads, so 90 yards (plus maybe an extra half-yard) in each slip.
Doing the math, the entire parcel of 13 slips has 1,170 yards, and it weighs
about 6 grams (on a non-electronic old-fashioned kitchen scale, so not
tremendously to be trusted).

I am definitely going to have to use this thread for something. I don’t know
what yet, but, obviously, a very fine lace!

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