I have to admit I don't actually know.  They are working through godaddy. I can 
only say arachne.com isn't a name that lends itself to ilk. I've had occasional 
inquiries over the years but have had no trouble declining. Whoever it is seems 
very interested and came back several times to raise the offer until I stopped 
saying no. I'm curious to see what will be done with it. 


On Thu, Dec 08, 2022 at 08:16:53PM -0600, Chris Vail wrote:
> Hi Liz!
> as one of the constant lurkers, I've been very grateful that this list
> still exists -- even if it's not getting half the traffic it used to. If
> it's not too much trouble, can we ask who is purchasing the domain? I don't
> mean a specific person, but is it at least a fiber-related
> business/organization? I ask because I have had other sites I visit turn
> into some not-so-nice content, and I admit to a very sentimental wish to
> know that my beloved spider website is at least in good hands.
> Many thanks, and thank you for being willing to port this list to a new
> domain for those of us stubborn enough to remain :D
> Chris V
> ------------------------------
> Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2022 08:47:36 -0500
> From: Elizabeth Reynolds <ila...@panix.com>
> Subject: [lace] domain name change
> Greetings to all of you!
> I???m dropping by to let you know that I???ve accepted an offer for the
> arachne.com domain.   Although I???ve been inactive myself for quite a few
> years now, I???m still happy and honored to host the lace list, so I have
> obtained a new domain for it - arachnelace.com <http://arachnelace.com/>
> I???ll be setting up the list software and copying over all the settings so
> nothing should change for you except the domain name.
> If you are whitelisting lace mail you???ll want to update your filter.
> I see that the lace-chat list is fairly inactive, shall I just remove it now
> or would you still like to have the option?   I will send this same message
> to
> lace-chat so nobody misses it, and keep an eye out for responses.
> Thank you all for being a part of lacemaking and making lovely things.
> - -Liz

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