Dear Language Committee,

We are glad to share you about the growth in contribution in Doteli
Wikipedia Incubation recent days.

The Incubator project of Doteli Wikipedia seems growing day by day and the
community members are really doing great stuff in incubator projects and
translate wiki to move this project out from incubator.

The wiki has exceeded more than 1K articles in various topics. Please
follow the link below.
Main page of Doteli Incubator project

The Doteli Wikipedia activity here:
Doteli incubator stats

We have been communicating various organizations related to Doteli language
for collaboration. They have shown interest to support the Wiki to make it
a rich Wikipedia.

Now, we have got a mentionable number of contributors, number of articles
and considerably good interface translation. Therefor we request to publish
Doteli Wikipedia out from the incubation. We assure to give qualitative and
quantitative contribution in this wiki.

With best regards
Janak Bhatta
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