I just completed an evaluation of what is contained in Incubator. Here are some 

  *   There were 1,020 tests with at least one apparently valid page of content.
  *   Of those, just under half were "substantial". I define "substantial" as 
follows: (a) at least one page added to the project in 2017 or later, excluding 
clear housekeeping additions, and/or (b) at least 25 mainspace pages in the 
  *   Two of those are tests that have been approved and are awaiting creation 
(Ingush Wikipedia, Elefen Wikipedia). (MF-Warburg: I know these have been 
slowed down with the developers. Do you have any timeframe on them?)
  *   Aside from those two, thirteen others have sufficient activity to meet 
the activity requirement for approval (at least three current consecutive 
months of at least three registered users having at least ten edits each).
  *   Of those thirteen:
     *   One has been tentatively approved, but is still pending language 
verification (Gorontalo Wikipedia). (MF-Warburg and Amir: Do we need to look 
for different experts?)
     *   One more is now ready for evaluation by LangCom (Shan 
     *   One is currently being discussed by LangCom (Pashto Wikivoyage).
     *   The other ten are not ready for an approval discussion, for other 
        *   Nyungar Wikipedia: Current LangCom discussion on language of 
        *   Sakizaya Wikipedia: There is currently an issue with the language 
code. The code the community uses, ais, is not an invalid one for the language, 
at least for the purpose of running a test on Incubator. But the issue needs to 
be resolved more completely before LangCom fully considers approval of the 
project. The community expects to try to resolve that in next year's batch of 
requests at SIL. If anyone wants more information, just let me know. (The test 
is also still a little stubby.)
        *   The remaining eight tests are either too stubby, or their interface 
translation is incomplete, or both. I am trying to encourage these communities 
to start filling out pages more fully, rather than creating more stubs.

Any questions, please let me know.


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