I am going to start running through the requests that date to 2011.  This first 
set consists of all of the requests that are NOT Wikipedia or Wiktionary, along 
with one Wiktionary request.

 and Wiktionary 
 (langcode dtp): Language of 140,000 speakers in Malaysia.  Wikipedia request 
was marked eligible in 2011, and both Wikipedia and Wiktionary tests have a 
decent handful of pages each. The other two tests have only a couple of pages 
each, but I see no reason not to mark all of these as eligible, and will do so.

Wikinews Western 
 (langcode pnb): Wikipedia and Wiktionary already exist. Test has a handful of 
pages. Certainly eligible, and I will mark it so.

Wikinews Central Kurdish 
 (langcode ckb): Wikipedia already exists. Test has a few pages. Certainly 
eligible, and I will mark it so.

 (langcode csb): Wikipedia and Wiktionary already exist, but no test was ever 
created at Incubator. I propose to close as stale. If someone ever starts a 
test and puts in a new request, it will be eligible, and I will say so in 
closing this request.

 I'd actually like some advice on this one. (I suspect that this request was 
created because of the language's "unique" langcode—www—though at the time 
Milos proposed that it would be encoded with its proposed ISO 639–6 code, 
"wxwa", for technical reasons.)

There is no evidence that anyone ever added any content for this in 
multilingual Wikisource, and the request page expresses doubt that there are 
many published, public-domain works in Wawa to publish here. On the other hand, 
this request is for Wikisource, and there's no reason that if someone has even 
one eligible work, it can't live on multilingual Wikisource forever anyway. 
Thoughts: Mark eligible? Close as stale? I just don't really want to leave it 
as "on hold" because it is so old.


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