Thanks, Steven, for your continued chipping away at the mountain of LangCom tasks. Your appointment as clerk turns out again and again to have been a very profitable decision.

I concur with your suggestions in the five cases you listed here.


On 23-Feb-18 17:13, Steven White wrote:
Wiktionary Melanau <> (langcode mel): Proposer created one page (in English) on Incubator in 2011, then left. (That page was subsequently deleted as "wrong language".) Propose to close as stale.

Wiktionary Bhojpuri <> (langcode bho): Healthy, active test, clearly eligible, and I will mark it so.

  * Only issue going forward will be that Bhojpuri Wikipedia is coded
    as bh, which is an ISO 639-2 collective code for Bihari languages
    (a collection that includes Bhojpuri). (Task for changing
    Wikipedia is T41968 <>.)

Wiktionary Nogai <> (and Wikipedia Nogai <>) (langcode nog): The Wp test on Incubator has recently returned to activity, but a Wiktionary test was never started.  The only really active member of the Wikipedia test community has told me he has no intention of working on a Wiktionary now. Will mark Wikipedia eligible and will close Wiktionary as stale.

Wiktionary Hawaiian <> (langcode haw): Test has recently returned to activity. Clearly eligible.

Wiktionary Sri Lankan Creole Malay <> (langcode sci): Mostly an oral language; enwiki article describes attempts to write the language as "rare". Proposer never followed up, but still seems active on enwiki. Have queried this user and will report any response later.


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