To convince the ISO 639 RA that Western Armenian was different from Eastern 
Armenian, I did not write a series of anecdotes making claims and saying “I can 
provide info if you want”. I worked with linguistic experts and produced a 
document demonstrating clearly the genuine linguistic differences. 

No such document has ever been produced for Montenegrin.


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> UTC.
> “Dear LangCom members,
> I am writing to you with intention to clarify some things regarding the 
> Montenegrin Wikipedia project. I am aware that there is a lack of support for 
> this project to be allowed, and the main argument is that it is a “variety” 
> of Serbian language, claimed even by some members here. I’d like to remind 
> you that not a single serious institution claims this to be true, they all 
> list it as a member of Serbo-Croatian macro language, not a part of Serbian 
> (an important distinction).
> Next, some question the use of two added letters all while claiming that they 
> can simply be replaced with sj, zj. As per Montenegrin orthography, this is 
> not true, I can explain everything in detail on the discussion page for 
> anyone interested in this, please, be free to ping me there. And on the same 
> page plenty of examples have been given to show how these letters are in fact 
> used. Also, alongside a few other users, I have shown some clear differences 
> between Ijekavian Serbian and Montenegrin (let me remind you that ~90% of 
> articles in Serbian Wikipedia are written in Ekavian standard, not 
> Ijekavian). The most important feature of Montenegrin is jekavian iotation, 
> not present in any other SC language, and this means that it is impossible to 
> follow Montenegrin standard if we were to write Serbian (or Bosnian, 
> Croatian) Wikipedia.
> And let’s not forget the reason that most members here wish to ignore, but 
> sadly, due to historical and political reasons, cannot. Serious NPOV 
> violations are present on Serbian Wikipedia on literally every article 
> regarding Montenegro (and lots of other political, historical topics related 
> to other countries and people but it is not relevant to Montenegrin Wikipedia 
> right now). I have listed quite a few examples of that in discussion page and 
> even some of reverting changes that were made to regain NPOV, ping me for all 
> of that as well if you cannot find it on that cluttered page. Politics do in 
> fact play a big part in all of this, and explain why Montenegrin community 
> is, besides all the reasons listed above, also uninterested to contribute to 
> such projects, and there is a clear intention to write neutral articles 
> retaining NPOV among our community, not to create propaganda-style articles 
> that can sadly be found on all of these other projects.
> Some propose using Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia. The very existence of it is 
> harshly criticized amongst most of Serbian, Croatian community, as they find 
> it unnecessary and are often feeling angry at SC community merely copying 
> their articles, as claimed by some users. I won’t argue about necessity of SC 
> Wikipedia, but I felt that this is a good introduction for my main reason why 
> Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia is not a good solution for Montenegrin either.
> Very large number of articles have parts directly copied from Serbian, 
> Croatian, Bosnian Wikipedias, resulting in a huge mess on articles, with a 
> single sentence being written half in Croatian, half in Serbian, which is 
> utterly confusing for the reader, switching between dialects, word forms, 
> grammar rules etc. In the discussion page I’ve shown how different a 
> Montenegrin Wikipedia article would be from an article in Serbo-Croatian to 
> Mr Amir Aharoni, please, be free to check that as well, and I can do that for 
> any article you want me to, so you have a side by side comparison, just like 
> the one I made there. A very large number of Croatian words is unheard of and 
> unknown in Montenegrin, to the point where you simply cannot understand 
> whatever you are reading about (scientific topics to the point of 
> unintelligiblity!). And Croatian is vastly dominant in Serbo-Croatian 
> Wikipedia (alongside those Ekavian Serbian parts in the middle of a single 
> sentence). You can agree that this is not a good ground for developing a 
> serious project written in Montenegrin language.
> Finally, I am aware that these other projects are grandfathered, but it 
> doesn’t change the fact that they do exist, and Montenegrin community sees 
> this as very unfair (to say the least) and really feels that based an all of 
> the things listed above, and this fact that it’s the only SC variety without 
> it’s own Wikipedia, it does deserve creation of it’s own project.
> Sincerely, Luka (Wiki username: Lujki).”
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