Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Northwest African 
 This request was apparently created by Milos in 2011 in response to this older 
 There is no language code associated with the request. I would note that

  *   There are approved requests for "Moroccan Arabic" and "Algerian Arabic", 
as well as an open request for "Tunisian Arabic".
  *   The only one of the three tests that is very active now is the Algerian 
 which is being driven to a great extent by the university in Chlef, Algeria. 
(See this 
 and this 
 The general approach in this project is to try to make it accessible to all 
speakers of Maghrebi Arabic. (One of the test administrators on this project is 
a founding member of the Wikimedia Tunisian User Group, and is also a founding 
member of the Wikiproject Maghrebi Arabic. For good measure, he's also a 
test-admin on the Tunisian test.)

On the whole, this separate request is no longer necessary. I will wait a few 
days for comments, but otherwise I plan to reject, directing interested parties 
to the Algerian test.

Requests for new languages/Wikipedia 
 This carries the language code of a macrolanguage. I've asked Satdeep Gill for 
comments, and User:Liuxinyu970226 has asked Wikimedia India and WMCUG Pakistan 
for comments. Neither of us has received a response yet. So I'm marking this as 
"in progress" for the time being.

Requests for new languages/Wikipedia 
Mam<> . 
I think this is eligible. There are about a half-million speakers in Guatemala 
and neighboring regions of Mexico, and there is some instruction in the 
language in Guatemalan schools. The test has ten pages, generally created 
around the time of the request, but people have poked around them periodically.

Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Colloquial 
  There is no language code for this. Effectively, it's a proposal to create a 
second Cantonese Wikipedia in a combination of Han and 
Bopomofo<> characters. The idea is that 
using Bopomofo, rather than Latin, for transcribing concepts not having native 
Chinese characters is more natively accurate.  Even if this approach is 
valid—and one comment on Talk:Language committee suggests that it isn't used 
anywhere in real life—it is not sufficiently different from the existing 
Cantonese Wikipedia to merit a separate project. The proposer has not been 
active on any WMF project except for making this proposal in 2011. Again, I 
will wait a few days. But I intend to reject, with a suggestion that if anyone 
actually has an interest in this, they approach the existing Cantonese 
Wikipedia about incorporating it.

Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Libyan 
 Notwithstanding what was just written about Maghrebi, this test has only two 
articles and one redirect, dating to the time of the proposal. Rejecting as 


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