Look, I'm not trying to make trouble, nor to ramrod my opinions. With thanks to 
members who supported my approach, I am going to revert the closure of the 

Before I do that, I will just point out that I think I have followed the rules 
up to this point. Gerard's willingness to agree to the closure happened in 
March, while we were still in a discussion phase. He did not comment 
afterwards, so I wouldn't have characterized what he did as negating my 
proposal. I do think it is within my purview as clerk to put a proposal on the 
table.  If I stretched a point of the rules at all, it was to hypothesize that 
a "discussion" during which only one member comments is not sufficient to 
establish a committee consensus to close an existing project, particularly when 
its only real problem is inactivity. But maybe that's not correct; that needs 
to be discussed.

I would also point out to Marco that per policy, the community's role in such 
matters is advisory, not binding. Whether or not it should apply to this 
particular case, the Board and LangCom have expressed a general point of view 
that they would rather keep projects open than to close them, provided that the 
project is not full of vandalism. So while the community does seem to support 
the closure, LangCom need not follow the community's advice, although it 
certainly may do so.

Closing projects 
policy<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Closing_projects_policy> normally does 
not involve an actual vote; it is supposed to close on consensus. Again, my 
perspective is that a consensus discussion to close a project that is not 
vandalized requires more than one voice. If members disagree, then please say 
so. (And I'd point out that frequently we allow a single voice to mark a 
project request as "eligible" or "rejected"; I just think existing projects 
deserve a little stronger benefit of the doubt.) So let's let this run for at 
least another week, to April 17, and see what else people have to say about it.


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