Dear Sirs ,

There is a program named as "" with its related sources
in "" which may be found in the following address :

 or by an internet search with name  .

The following is a part from its "readme" :


        This is being mailed to all those who either registered or inquired
      about RPSORT, written by my brother, Robert Pirko.

Robert Pirko, the author of RPSORT,
passed away on February 15, 1992.
He had not been ill , but just
suddenly collapsed and died.
You never know ...  

      RPSORT is now free for all to use, no payment is asked.  Also the
    assembly language source code is free.

      The file RPSRT101.ZIP has been uploaded to a local (New York City) 
                    NYACC 718 539-3064              (free access)

      This file contains version 1.01 of RPSORT and its documentation
    plus the commented source code written in 8086 assembler for the
    Borland Turbo Assembler 2.5.

      It is also available by mail for a payment of $5.00 to:

                    Alex Pirko
                    3881 Sedgwick Ave
                    Bronx, NY 10463

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is working perfectly under Windows XP ( with 8.3 format file 
( because its file name variable ( I think , due to "IpNameExt DB 13 Dup 
(?)" in its
  assembler source ) ) ) .

It is "UNBELIEVABLY" fast .

My suggestion is that it can be incorporated into a unit
( for example ,
as a procedure with a parameter
( containing giving definition of sort like its command-line parameter 
string ) ).

My opinion is that it may be useful to study it .

Thank you very much ,

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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