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Sunday, August 24, 2008, 10:07:12 PM, you wrote:

MES> It is "UNBELIEVABLY" fast .
MES> My suggestion is that it can be incorporated into a unit
MES> ( for example ,
MES> as a procedure with a parameter
MES> ( containing giving definition of sort like its command-line parameter
MES> string ) ).
MES> My opinion is that it may be useful to study it .

Which is special in this software ? It is using the well known
QuickSort algorithm, as it is assembler it should run a faster
than a pure Pascal implementation, also it is 16 bits asm code.

It will be quite difficult to compare in speed with a FPC
implementation as the binary of RPSRT is .com file of 18KBs ;) and
will be loaded very fast (no rellocation needed), compared to a FPC
.exe binary.

Maybe you saw something that I was not aware about it :-?

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