I just discovered the "Code Observer" functionality. Amazing gems in
Lazarus - well done guys!

Some suggestions I immediately noticed though after enabling Code Observer.

 1)  Unnamed Constants. I added some new methods where unnamed constants
     should be ignore, yet the Code Observer still keeps complaining
     about those methods. Is this a bug? When do new changes take
     effect? I have updating set to "idle".

 2) Can the "Code Observer" node please remember its state. Every time
    the treeview refreshes now, the "Code Observer" node closes itself
    and all child nodes close too. This is very annoying to keep having
    to open the nodes.

 3) Long Procedures - can the line count be added in parentheses - that
    way I can see which procedures are more important than others in

 4) Unnamed Constants - If I disable unnamed constants in the options,
    the "Unnamed Constants" node still appears in the Code Observer. It
    seems the enable/disable option is ignored.


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