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El 08/10/16 a las 05:18, Michael Van Canneyt via Lazarus escribió:
Hi Michael, could you post jsmin.pas here?.

I added it to FPC SVN. packages/fcl-js, unit jsminifier. I included an example program.

Improvements and suggestions welcome.


Thanks Michael, that's great!.

BTW, I've found also a CSS Minifier, developed by Udo Schmal (http://www.gocher.me/CSSMin) I'll ask him if he allow us to add it to fcl-js.

Great, that would come in handy as well !!


Michael, I've got the answer from Udo Schmal, he gave permission to include the unit in fcl-js, here's his answer:

> Hi Leonardo,
> I've updated the code so that it doesn't need the two additional units as in > the old version. The code I published is based on some RegExp and is therefore > slow. Unfortunately I did not have time to change the code similar to the jsmin
> function.
> But, feel free to share the code.
> Regards,
> Udo Schmal
> http://www.gocher.me

This is the link to the unit: http://www.gocher.me/code/css.pas

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