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Am 15.10.2016 um 12:04 schrieb Dennis via Lazarus:

Attached is a simple test project. Within the zip are 2 screen capture of the same program running in win 7 64 bit and Win 10 64 bit.
The project was created with Lazarus 1.7; fpc 3.1.1 SVN 52643.
For me, the frame is white in both Win7 and Win10. Did you deactivate themes in Win7? Your screenshot looks like this. This would switch to the old Win95 style, and give you back control over the color of many controls. In Lazarus, you can turn theme support off by unchecking "Use manifest file to enable themes" in the Project Options. This works also in Win10 - see attached screenshot:

Yes, I disabled themes in win 7 (and forgot about it).
Thank you so much. It worked after unchecking the "Use manifest file to enable themes".

It would be even better if the options can be changed in runtime so that users can decide whether to enable themes.
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