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On the main form I've got (a tabbed notebook containing multiple > instances of) a TStringGrid. The OnSelection event invokes a modal form > (containing nothing of significant complexity) with OK and Cancel > buttons, and stripped down looks like this:
Just for testing the OnSelection is raised by mouse click ? If the answer is yes, try to click the cell and keep the mouse button pressed. If the form appears the grid is still waiting for a MOUSE_UP (thinking you are holding MOUSE_DOWN to perform a selection) and the modal form has its own queue, so MOUSE_UP never arrives.

Yes, the modal form appears while the mouse button is held down (for both GTK2 and Qt).

So, yes, seem that grid expects mouseup

Is there a portable way this can be sent? Otherwise I presume I could fudge it with something like QueueAsyncCall()... unless that also went
through before the mouse activity was sorted out.

I'm fairly keen to hack this in such a way that it's not tied to one version of the LCL since I want this program to be fairly easy to build even for people with an old (or no existing) copy of Lazarus etc.

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