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El 13/03/2018 a las 9:21, Mark Morgan Lloyd via Lazarus escribió:>>> Yes, the modal form appears while the mouse button is held down (for >>> both GTK2 and Qt).>>>>>>> So, yes, seem that grid expects mouseup> > Is there a portable way this can be sent? Otherwise I presume I could > fudge it with something like QueueAsyncCall()... unless that also went> through before the mouse activity was sorted out.> > I'm fairly keen to hack this in such a way that it's not tied to one > version of the LCL since I want this program to be fairly easy to build > even for people with an old (or no existing) copy of Lazarus etc.
I think the proper solution is to instruct GTK2 to use the MOUSE_UP event, but meanwhile QueueAsyncCall will not be the solution as when the AsyncCall will be processed grid will be still waiting for MOUSE_UP, so my solution would be add a MOUSE_UP and MOUSE_DOWN handlers, something like this in pseudo code:
MOUSE_DOWN:   SelectChanged:=false;
ON_SELECT:   SelectChanged:=true;
MOUSE_UP:   if SelectChanged then Form.ShowModal();

Thanks, I'd just about worked that one out. I'll try later- I'm spending the day helping with some flocking sheep ;-)

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