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Regarding a long term solution, I agree that would be best. What I would see as the optimal way to handle this would be to use entirely owner drawn controls based which depend on external resource files, to determine styles such as color, sizes, padding, font, alignment, glyphs, and visibility among a few potential possibilities. Actual control drawing would be handled through an abstraction layer to a platforms best possible graphics API to efficiently handle antialiasing, smoothing, subpixel, and hdpi rendering in a manner that makes it complete transparent to controls.

hehehe... And everything you mentioned there is already supported in fpGUI. fpGUI is a 100% custom drawn toolkit, with no 3rd party library dependencies. It includes a 100% Object Pascal based 2D rendering engine (called AggPas) which does anti-aliasing, and high quality sub-pixel rendering. fpGUI already supports theming - via code or external image resources.

The only part lacking from your wish list, is the LCL-fpGUI widgetset implementation. A lot is already working, but it still needs a bit more work to get the Lazarus IDE to compile with LCL-fpGUI.


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