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12. Juni 2018, 15:25:

> On 12.06.2018 14:06, Sven Barth via Lazarus wrote:
> > The dongle code would also be linked if it would be in a dynamic
> > package and Lazarus would support them.
> Sorry, I seem not to be have been clear.
> The (potential) problem I want to provide a solution for is: not to link
> the Dongle code in the Lazarus IDE executable. (But have it usable in
> the compiled user application.)
> (Delphi does this by using the dynamic linking for the package the
> Delphi IDE uses, but this is of no concern when doing Lazarus.)

No. Delphi does *not* solve this by using dynamic linking. If a package is
installed in the IDE (no matter whether it is Delphi or Lazarus) its code
becomes part of the running process (for Delphi when the package is loaded
at IDE start, for Lazarus during compilation and linking).
The execution of the dongle code is only prevented if the developer of the
component checked whether the design mode is active and does not execute
the dongle code in that case (or the component is not used, because a
project is loaded that does not use the component).

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