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Rainer Stratmann wrote:
Am Sunday 15 November 2009 20:03:21 schrieb Martin:
Interesting. I almost never want to search the entire text (at least not
with the normal search). If I want to search the entire text, I much
prefer "find in files" (all open units), because it displays the results
in a nice list.


Why do you want to search 'from cursor'?
The feature 'find in files' is interesting.
I did not use it before.
If for example I am at the first relevant instance of an identifier.
e.g a procedure-local variable, and I am at it's declaration. If the same word occurs earlier in the text, it is a different variable, belonging to a different procedure.

Truth is I use the find dialog very seldom. If I need to search I do a incremental search (search as you type) via ctrl-e => it does a better highlighting If I need to do a replace (usually limited to one procedure) I used to use the find/replace, but now I use syncro-mode (select block, press icon on gutter / or select and ctrl-j)

Of course, not every search is starting from the cursor, but as I said, then I use find in files. The find dialog is (if used at all) reserved to find the next occurrence

And if I ever really want to use find, from top of file, I save myself the need of changing the option, I use: ctrl-home ctrl-f
and I search from cursor

But it all comes down to personal likings. : I did it may way ...


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