> sorry for this question but I am testing lbackup and I couldn't make a
> configuration file useful for me. My problem is with the line
> backupSource , I am needing to backup some dirctories of a linux
> machine , and I don't know how to put these names in backupSource line
> For example how to include  /etc , /home /var in it.

The latest version of LBackup has no support for the backup of multiple 
directories in a single configuration file. You are not the first to request 
this kind of functionality. I have been thinking about various ways of 
supporting this kind of option. Either with a separate file for the directories 
you want to backup or by have a listing multiple sources within in the 
configuration file. I have yet to come up with a good way to implement this 
functionally. Any suggestions in this regard would be welcomed.

At present if you are going to use LBackup you have two options available.

(1) Create multiple backup configurations. One for each directory you would 
like to backup. This approach will allow you to have different schedules, pre 
and post action scripts as well as multiple reports for each source directory 
on the system. You may group related configuration directories into a directory 
(eg for a single system) for easier management.

(2) Backup the root directory of your system and exclude the areas you do not 
wish to backup, by defining them within the excludes.txt file within the 
LBackup configuration.

Again, any alternative approaches would be welcome.

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