> sorry for this question but I am testing lbackup and I couldn't make a
> configuration file useful for me. My problem is with the line
> backupSource , I am needing to backup some dirctories of a linux
> machine , and I don't know how to put these names in backupSource line
> For example how to include  /etc , /home /var in it.

Okay, one approach with the current version of LBackup is to do the following : 

(1) Set the backup source directory to "/" with the directive below : 


(2) Add the following lines into the related excludes.txt 

+ private     
+ private/etc/***
+ private/var/***
+ home/***
- *

Depending upon your system the example above may not work. It will depend upon 
the actual location of these files on your system. 

However, please keep in mind that if you use this kind of approach for your 
backups then you may find that in a future release of LBackup the backup 
integrity check feature which is added will not work correctly. 

Up until recently, I was not aware that the rsync excludes file could be used 
like this to add files as well as remove them. With that in mind, if you use 
this approach please check very carefully that all files you need to preserve 
are actually being backup.

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