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>>> I've just been asked to automate the process of swapping TM backup 
>>> destinations as a VIP moves between home and work.
>>> FWIW, I know I can do this with several different tools and script triggers 
>>> (cranker, Marco Polo, etc). The technical details aren't a problem for me 
>>> at all. However, I don't have a lot of time to test a solution ( a day or 
>>> two) and would appreciate it if someone had already been down that road to 
>>> give me a pointer or two - as this works well, this doesn't...
>> I'm interested to know what you find & come up with, Dean.
>> There seem to be a few pages out there, between personal sites and 
>> submissions.
>> I've been investigating -attempting- to script TimeMachine backups without 
>> much success. It's easy enough to use the GUI to set a destination, and then
>> invoke a backup (and parse the system.log for what feedback can be had). 
>> But I'd like to be able to set the Time Machine prefs according to the drive 
>> that's attached. 
>> Using "defaults" to set the key in /Library/Preferences/
>> - by working with BackupAlias and/or DestinationVolumeUUID , while taking in 
>> the plist, doesn't show up in the GUI and
>> does not appear to be honored. Could be a matter of disconnect between 
>> SystemEvents when changing things behind the scenes, but it'd be 
>> nice not to have to (attempt) to do this via AppleScript and the System Pref 
>> pane...
> Slightly off topic, but one possible approach is to use TimeMachine to backup 
> to a second partition / sparse bundle, on the internal drive of the laptop. 
> Once you have this setup, it would be possible to synchronize the internal 
> (backup-drive / sparse bundle) to the pre-determined external drive(s) when 
> they connected.
> Although this approach introduces some additional complexity, it bypasses 
> various problems, which have been previously mentioned relating to the 
> configuration of TimeMachines backup destination drive.
> Finally, if the TimeMachine destination is sparse bundle, you have the 
> possibility of synchronizing the sparse bundle via the network. Perhaps this 
> is a more attractive option than having to attach an external hard drive.
> A script to synchronize sparse images via the network is available from the 
> link below, It could be modified so that it synchronizes to a local disk if 
> this is what you are after : 
> <>

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