Hello All,

I am seeing far too often this error in lbackup.

"rsync: unpack_smb_acl: sys_acl_get_info(): Unknown error: 0 (0)"

Some research discovers that it is due to a permissions / ACL error when R-Sync 
tries to set the permissions on the file.

"That error occurs when rsync tries to set an ACE specifying a user that does 
not exist.  Here's what happens:
1) Read ACE on source file --> on Mac OS X, the user or group of the ACE is 
stored using the user or group's UUID
2) Convert UUID to uid/gid using mbr_uuid_to_id, also store which type it is 
(e.g. user or group)
3) [transfer file]
4) Convert uid/gid to UUID using mbr_uid_to_uuid or mbr_gid_to_uuid
5) Set ACE on destination file "

What I have also discovered is that this is unnecessary on Mac OS X not to 
mention undesirable. This becomes a particular problem when you delete a user 
and then suddenly you need to remove all trace of that user in any file 
permissions (including their home folder).

The problem is finding the offending file.
I was wondering if this error could be rectified altogether, or at the very 
least, could LBackup log the offending file/s so I don't have to go searching 
for a needle in a hay stack. It happened to me recently on a server and I 
couldn't find the files causing the issue, so I ended up spending 3 or 4 hours 
redoing the permissions and then watching lbakcup do a full backup of the 
system to make sure it works.

Does anyone have any tips for correcting this issue quickly? Any chance of a 



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