On May 2, 2010, at 3:54 PM, Andrew MacKenzie wrote:

>> I have thought that keeping a number of failed backups could be a good 
>> feature to investigate.
> In my case, the rsync failures (whether or not rsync is at fault) usually 
> occur on only a few files.  I would prefer that lbackup have an option to 
> ignore these errors, and just leave the corresponding hard links in place.  
> Would that be workable?

If you take one of the bad files, and copy it, trying the following:
1) Finder based duplicate
2) cp -p original original.copy

Can you tell me the results of the next time you run.  Did you get the same 
error on the copied file, or did it go through just fine?  Depending on how 
this test works out, we may be able to figure out what is causing it, and then 
get it fixed in rsync.

I have long suspected there are some issues with a very small subset of file 
types and attributes in OS X.  I just never get a chance to find a repeatable 
case.  I had a case the other day where a disc image would fail, though it was 
6.8 GB in size, and took a long time to test, it was repeatable.  And now, 
wouldn't you know it, all is working well again.
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