On Jun 17, 2010, at 1:32 PM, henri wrote:

> In the next beta release the lbackup /lbackup directory will be moved into 
> /etc/lbackup. For compatibility a symbolic link will be in the root directory 
> pointing to the new location.
> Any comments suggestions on the placement would be welcomed.

I am sort of wondering why.  Wouldn't /usr/local perhaps be the more correct 
location?  Or, since this is Mac OS X, what about Application Support?

I am not saying /etc is wrong, I have never likes the location of "/" at all.  
I do think it should live where other applications of the same do, or, wherever 
Apple's guidelines state with regard to these files.

I currently have zero third party files in /etc, though I use MacPorts, meaning 
everything I do end up in /opt/local.  I worry that a major system update from 
Apple may be very aggressive and modify things in /etc in a way that would 
break lbackup.
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