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>>> In the next beta release the lbackup /lbackup directory will be moved into 
>>> /etc/lbackup. For compatibility a symbolic link will be in the root 
>>> directory pointing to the new location.
>>> Any comments suggestions on the placement would be welcomed.
>> I am sort of wondering why.  Wouldn't /usr/local perhaps be the more correct 
>> location?  Or, since this is Mac OS X, what about Application Support?
>> I am not saying /etc is wrong, I have never likes the location of "/" at 
>> all.  I do think it should live where other applications of the same do, or, 
>> wherever Apple's guidelines state with regard to these files.
>> I currently have zero third party files in /etc, though I use MacPorts, 
>> meaning everything I do end up in /opt/local.  I worry that a major system 
>> update from Apple may be very aggressive and modify things in /etc in a way 
>> that would break lbackup.
> The /etc/lbackup directory is slated to be where you may store lbackup 
> configurations (the example lbackup configuration directory will also be 
> located in this directory). However, you will continue to have the 
> flexibility to store the configuration directories wherever you like.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.  I was not aware it was just the configs and 
that the executables would still be in /usr/local.  That makes sense.

> The lbackup executables are currently installed into /usr/local/

Sounds good.

> Basically, the idea is to move the lbackup directory which is at the root of 
> the file system. This will be changed to a symbolic link for backwards 
> compatibility. However, people will be able to remove the symbolic link in 
> the root directory if they like.

Also sounds good.  I will either nuke it or set the visibility of the link to 

>> I worry that a major system update from Apple may be very aggressive and 
>> modify things in /etc in a way that would break lbackup.
> This is a valid point and I will be doing some testing to see what will 
> happen with regards migrations.

There have been cases in the past, few, though they have happened, where /etc 
and I believe even /usr/local were altered by a software update.  It was being 
hurt by that which got me looking into MacPorts in the first place.

I seem to recall a discussion I had with someone about 6 months ago on this 
matter, and it has indeed been a long time since any files where mucked with by 
Apple Software Update.  It is more than likely safe, but certainly would not 
hurt to keep an eye on it.

Thanks again for the heads up.
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