I am doing well in annotating or simplifying my work to comply with 
splint's demands for understanding. I have a problem with splinting 
microSoft's large libraries.

I get messages such as:
exec_cmd.c(100,25): Null storage passed as non-null param:
                        CreateProcessA (NULL, ...)
   A possibly null pointer is passed as a parameter corresponding to a formal
   parameter with no /*@null@*/ annotation.  If NULL may be used for this
   parameter, add a /*@null@*/ annotation to the function parameter declaration.
   (Use -nullpass to inhibit warning)

CreateProcessA is declared in an 8k line #include file. I would like to 
do a gradual annotation of it as need arises. Advise please! I am 
currently veering towards gradual annotation of a copy in an early 
folder in $INCLUDE and suspect that there is no point creating a .LCD 
until the file is completely annotated. Am I right in assuming that a 
conversion of foo.h would consist of something like
/*@ -load foo.lcd @*/
Walter Briscoe

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