I'm trying to use lclint (version 2.4b) on an old Unix VME machine, in place of 
(old) lint, which don't
recognize prototyped functions.
  I've compiled it (with some difficulties due to my old system, hopefully helped by a 
linux host !),
and I'm trying to replace automatic lint rules in my makefiles.

 I have 2 problems :
  - first is that my old system uses the old (!) varargs library instead of the "new" 
stdarg one. I've used
the flag "-usevarargs" to remove a warning about this, but the functions with variable 
arguments aren't
well checked ; I've even tried to declare the varargs include in a personal standard 
library (instead of "unix" one)
but it seems the definition of the macro "va_dcl" :
#define va_dcl int va_alist;
isn't understood.

  - the most important problem is to build some library files like the old <lib>.ln 
files. I would like to
check some libraries with lclint with a command like :
        lclint <myfiles.c>    -output <mylib>.ln
and then some executables with a command like :
        lclint <myfiles.c> <mylib1>.ln <mylib2>.ln

I've looked about the 'dump' and 'load' lclint commands, but it seems that we can use 
only one "-load" command,
and it removes the standard unix library ! Is it possible to do what I'm looking for ?

        Thanks for your advices,

                Frdric Boiteux.

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