Jerry writes:
> I realize that. Unfortunately, I cannot leave it blank, not can I
> simply enter a <space> character in a normal fashion. I had thought
> that I could use base64 encoding to enter a <space> character; i.e.,
> IA== however, that does not seem to be working even when I use the
> double :: colon marks and I am not sure why.

The problem is easier to guess if you say what the error message is and
which implementation.  I think it should be allowed, but I'm not
surprised if some servers reject such an attribute.  Which is my guess
so far.

BTW, it'd work - wrongly - without the '::' since that just stores a
plain "IA==" string in the directory:-) Base64 here is only releated to
the LDIF file format, the client decodes it before sending to the

Also note that your original question about a NULL character does not
make sense, chr(0) - a control character - is not what you'd want.  Even
if the C langauge happens to treat it as empty if it is treated as a C
string and not a binary value.

> In order to get around this, I am being forced to manually enter a N/A
> entry into the field.

Yup.  Might use something like "sn: -" instead - then e.g. a substring
search for (sn=N*) won't return it.


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