I prefer web based tools such as PhpLdapAdmin, or LdapAccountManager. You manually add users with the ldapadd/ldapmodify/ldapdelete commands and use .ldif files, use the web based programs.

You can also dump your LDAP directory with ldapsearch -x -h your.ldapserver.com -D "cn=Manager,dc=whatever,dc=com" -w xxxxxxxxx + "*" > /tmp/ldapdump and open up ldapdump with a text editor.

Vinayak wrote:
I am very new to this ldap concept also feeling very much difficulty in
administration. Right now I am facing a problem of adding the users
created on LDAP server to particular group. I know that the entire LDAP
database is located under /var/lib/ldap directory. Now my doubt is,
generally in linux when we create a user,it will be recorded under
/etc/passwd,/etc/group and /etc/shadow files and we can easily find the
user details in these file.Is there any way to determine, in LDAP
server,to which group the particular user belongs to? also how to manually
access the ldap database?
How to troubleshoot the problem of adding particular user to particular
I am using Webmin tool for creating ldap users/groups. This problem is
severely affecting my organizations work.

Thank you so much

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