Better sense tells me I should probably keep quiet, but ...

Back when this discussion came up previously (Dec 2001/Jan 2002?)  I 
was able to get micro_httpd working with an embedded lua interpreter. 
It allows one to write html code with inline lua scripting, like php. 
To add some real numbers to this dicussion:

micro_httpd - dynamically linked against libc        9404 bytes
lua_micro_httpd dynamic libc, static lualib         75972 bytes

Compressing with upx gets it to 39K, which is still big for a 
diskette-based configuration engine.  If FORTH can really get us an 
embedded language in 10K, that sounds great.  I'll check the site 
Charles mentioned tomorrow; any other pointers anyone can give - 
please share! (I'm not a coder - but don't mind getting my fingers 
burned either...)


FWIW, my wish-list is something like this:

Must haves:
+small size
+URI (GET) or POST method variables exposed to the script language
+rfc-2388 mulipart/form-data compliance (must be able to upload a 
ipsec cert/crl via the web browser)
+inline scripting (like php)
+enough of a framework (.css / examples / docs) to make it easy for 
someone else to use
+master script (index.html?) that will take over the job of lrcfg 

Cool features, but not necessary
+http 1.1 compliance, especially keepalive
+cookie support
+std graphics building library (like fly or gd tools)

Not desired
+stand-alone server  
+locked down security (need to be root to configure anyway!)


I'm sure others have a different wish-list. Charles' "wacky ideas" 
got me to thinking.... If you check out nullwebmail, its an 
executable that runs as a cgi under a web server - but any will do: 
thttpd, boa, mini_httpd (I don't know about sh-httpd).   Unlike most 
web-mail solutions, all you need is the single program - no 
complicated install process - just compile, put the program in the 
www directory and you have basic web-based mail.

Do you think that's a better way to attack this problem?  Rather than 
extend a web server, just build a really smart cgi?   I don't know 
the answer - just wondering if anyone else does.

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