John.Cowan said:
>> Rather, the very definition of
>> civil time was misunderstood, whether by Microsoft or by somebody
>> else.
> I think this greatly overstates the case.


> There was a mere misapplication
> of labels involved, both in the case of the conference leader (who believes
> that the name "GMT" refers to the LCT of the U.K.)

Which is a relatively rare belief, easily countered by (for example)
looking at the BBC news web site.

> and the anonymous Microsoft
> programmer (who believes that British Summer Time should be called
> "GMT Daylight Time").

Exactly. The belief that the "T" means Time, therefore it's subject to DST.
I wonder if it mishandles zones near the equator which don't have DST?

Neither are to do with the *definition* of civil time [1], but with its

[1] Microsoft has been known to get this wrong as well, attempting to apply
US rules to the EU.

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