On Tue, 30 Aug 2005, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> Leap seconds cost actual companies lots of $$$.  I know that I've
> personally put in about 50 hours to leap second issues since July 1,
> and others in my company have put in even more in testing, shipping
> equiptment to the simulator facility, writing simulation software for
> testing all our products that couldn't be shipped to the simulation
> facility, etc.  While it is the cost of doing business, implementing
> and conforming to this standard is expensive.
> Warner
Part of the previous traffic in this interminable argument is that hard
figures are lacking for both the implementation of leap seconds and for
their demise.

I would have thought that part of the answer to the difficulty in
implementation and testing would be to use an open-source library of tried
and tested algorithms.  I don't quite understand why software engineers
seem to feel the need to write new leap-second handling code every time
they invent a new gadget.


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