Hi all,

I can get you started with LEDE infrastructure and get Martin and Jan-Tarek
appropriate access to a Digital Ocean droplet for setup. Please contact me
directly if you want to go ahead with a LEDE droplet for the Wiki and we can go
from there. I will at least need your SSH RSA public keys to start. We already
have a droplet set aside for a forum which is staged but unused (currently
running a docker instance of Discourse). Adding some wiki package here would
probably make the most sense given expected usage. I'd even be willing to do the
initial install and access setup this week/end. Suggest a package...

I don't usually hang-out on IRC, so email is the best way to communicate.


CC to lede-adm where others can weigh in.

Name                    Function
Ted Hess (th...@kitschensync.net),
Martin Tippmann  (m...@i3o.de),
Jan-Tarek Butt t...@ring0.de
                        Infrastructure / I could take
                        care of nginx, caching, let's encrypt, mysql,
                        php, memcache whatever.
Thomas Endt,            wiki admin / enabler / maintenance
                        ToH maintainer, Gardener, Editor
N.N.                    wiki admin / enabler / maintenance
                        ToH maintainer
Alberto Bursi   (alberto.bu...@outlook.it),   Editor, Gardener
Rich Brown   (richb.hano...@gmail.com),
                        Editor, Gardener, and maybe
N.N.,           Optimizing, pluging inplementation, organisation

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