To follow up in order to prevent duplicate work,

Michael Richardson has offered to update libpcap in the beginning of November Dirk Neukirchen has submitted a patch for libs/gettext-full which has been accepted - Karl Palsson and Dirk Feytons have expressed concerns updating the current version Lua due to possible performance regressions and code (language) incompatibilities. Suggested upgrade path is to create a separate package and go from there, pretty much like python 2 vs 3.

Many thanks for the response and commitment to this request.

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On 2016-10-10 12:24, Daniel Engberg wrote:

I've been trying with my limited set of skills to get most packages
and libraries up to date but I'm getting stuck on these below since
they have a lot patches and I can't adapt these for current versions
or even make out if they're all even needed. Since there's going to be
a release later on I think it's a good idea to keep everything up to
date even if it may cost a bit of storage space since it's going to
help porting new software and easier to report bugs etc upstream if
needed. I also think that if we're going to do this we should get it
in tree as soon as possible so there's time to fix occasional issues
that may occur. If anyone wants to take a stab at these I think it
would be beneficial to the project in the end.

tools/libtool - Move to 2.4.6
tools/lzma-old - Move to 4.32.7 ( ? I'm not
sure how "old" this needs to be, newer versions are also available at
the link below (
tools/lzma - Move to 16.03
( ?
tools/mkimage - Move to a newer snapshot, reduces amount of patches?
tools/mklibs - Move to 0.1.42
tools/squashfs4 - Update to 4.3

package/utils/mdadm - Update to 3.4
package/utils/fuse - Update to 2.9.7
package/utils/lua - Update to 5.3.3 (some lang regressions may occur?)
network/utils/iproute2 - Update to 4.7.0
network/utils/iptables - Update to 1.6.0
network/utils/iw - Update to 4.7
network/utils/tcpdump - Update to 4.8.0

libs/elflibs - Update to 0.167
libs/gettext-full - Update to 0.19.8
libs/libiconv-full - Update to 1.14
libs/libpcap - Update to 1.8.0
libs/ncurses - Update to 6.0
libs/libbsd - Update to 0.8.3 (needs a.out.h, I got stuck on that)
libs/libtool - Update to 2.4.6 (needs m4, blocking)

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Daniel Engberg

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