Hello again,
    I have been working on adding support for this router with the
help of SCApi and we got it to the point that Ethernet ports works,
leds and buttons works and wifi card 0xa8d6 43222 works.

The wifi card don't have sprom and I had to write a patch to add
fallback sprom support for this card.

The sprom is not located in flash or at least I could not find it. I
used the logs from original firmware and information from broadcom
architecture to make it and put the interesting values and it works.

To supply sprom buffer I need the mac address of the interface. I want
to use the Ethernet mac address + 2. The Ethernet mac address is
stored in mtd at certain offset.

Where should be the registration of the sprom fallback function?.
Right now I did it in the b43_pci_ssb_bridge_init function from the
drivers/ssb/pci_b43_bridge.c file.

Also It is needed a way to specify the mtd partition where the mac
address is stored, the offset and the increment needed to the mac
address. Where and how should this be put?

Right now there is only three lantiq routers with broadcom wifi card
that I know of and may be in the same situation.

Juan Rios

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